Andy Warhol in China: News from Sotheby’s Auction House

“Warhol in China”

By: Tomer and Isidora Fridman


Warhol in China

Sotheby’s Auction House will unveil an exhibition in China of Andy Warhol, the top artist by auction revenue in 2012, according to

The exhibits will feature drawings and photos inspired by Warhol’s trips to Asia and references to Chinese traditions. More than 40 works will be presented, with prices ranging from $15,000 to $1 million.


8 Ways the Housing Market Changed in 2013

“Real Estate Recovery”

By: Tomer and Isidora Fridman

Real Estate Market

Photo courtesy of Getty Images

Looking for the perfect time to buy or sell, and is this it? With an ever-changing market, buyers and sellers are skeptical for good reason, on the best time to “make a move.” Courtesy of MSN Real Estate, here is an idea on the fluctuating market we are constantly trying to learn.

1. Prices are up. Due to a boost in buyer demand, the cost of housing has increased. According to, prices remained stable or increased in all but eight out of 50 major housing markets.

2. Loans are getting more expensive. According to the article, loans are pricier in 2013 due to a tendency toward smaller down payments. The Federal Housing Administration has approved loans with lower down payments and higher interest rates, so you can expect this trend to continue in order to accommodate need.

3. Inventory is low. Supply of homes is down despite high demand. This means potential sellers should be motivated to list, and buyers should move on an opportunity before they miss their chance.

4. New mortgage law. Officially in effect Janaury 2014, the Ability to Repay rule will help protect consumers against shady deals such as “interest only” repayment and risky “no doc” practices.

5. The return of home-equity loans.

6. Decline in short sales and distressed properties on the market.

7. Spike in new construction.

8. Resurgence of the luxury market, as the sales of homes over $1 million increased by more than 50 percent.


Social Media influence on Travel

“Mobile apps and social networks have transformed travel”

By: Tomer and Isidora Fridman


With an ever-expanding love for media, apps, and social media, Travel and Leisure Magazine supplied us with some insight into changes in travel due to those sites we use so often.  Whether it is to let friends know you will be traveling, find tips on places to stay, great deals from the hotel directly, social media is truly becoming a great travel companion.  The key is to know how to put the phone/computer/device down once you arrive, so you may enjoy and take in the beautiful destination you have chosen.

According to the article, travel companies and hotels/restaurants alike have taken advantage of social media sharing in order to better serve their customers. For example, when customers share the reason for their visiting, like an anniversary or birthday, these businesses can surprise them by catering especially to their needs. But being too attached to your smart phone can have its disadvantages. Co-founder and CEO of Gogobot, a social travel network, had this suggestion for Travel and Leisure magazine:

“Take the pictures in the moment and post them later. I spent Memorial Day weekend in Big Sur. There was no signal, so I couldn’t post anything. I snapped photos, and I got to watch the sunset without live blogging. It was fantastic. When I got back to civilization, I relived the moment [when I shared the photos].”




Summer Entertaining Ideas

‘How to Throw the Backyard BBQ of the Summer’

By: Tomer & Isidora Fridman

Photo Courtesy of the Cooking Channel

Photo Courtesy of the Cooking Channel

Ready for some summer entertaining? We’ve found a fun nautical party theme to break into the wonderful summer season ahead. From decor to a delicious menu, here are some fabulous and simple tips to tantalize your guests appetites as well as get them in the spirit of summer.

We love the Cooking Channel‘s idea of bringing the beach to your own backyard with a nautical-inspired party theme. While simple, their recommendations go a long way in setting the mood and tone of your BBQ.

For decor, the Cooking Channel’s blog recommends evoking a beach theme with nautical touches such as ropes, seashells, sand, and blue and white colors. For food, the blog suggests a make-your-own hamburger station that allows your guests to customize their meal to their own tastes. Instead of opting for the usual chips and dip appetizer, make festive paper cones and let guests fill them with popcorn. The cones bring a summer carnival feel to your party, while offering practicality as your company strolls your backyard with snack in hand.

For more fun tips for your next backyard gala, check out the Cooking Channel’s guide to a nautical BBQ and other party ideas.